Pope Francis So Far – Video of Sunday Adult Ed Talk by Tom Noble

Professor Emeritus Tom Noble discusses the first six years of Pope Francis’ papacy during the Sunday (March 17, 2019) Adult Education presentation. The full-length video (47:36 followed by a Q&A session) can be seen by clicking here.

Update on the Church Abuse Crisis

On February 13, in the interest of complete transparency, Bishop Knestout released a list of all names of clergy in the 200-year history of the Diocese of Richmond who had credible and substantiated claims of child sexual abuse made against them. That list can be viewed here. One can also learn about all our Diocese is doing to protect our children and secure a safe environment for them, and all the things that our Bishop has said and done in response to the sexual abuse crisis.

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In the interest of complete transparency, Bishop Knestout is going to be releasing, sometime in February, a list of all names of clergy in the 200-year history of the Diocese of Richmond who had credible and substantiated claims of child sexual abuse made against them. The Attorney General of Virginia will also be publishing a list of names from their investigation of diocesan archives, also sometime in February; the criterion for the names on that list are unknown.

To know what our Diocese is doing to protect our children and secure a safe environment for them, and to see all the things that our Bishop has said and done in response to the sexual abuse crisis, visit the diocesan website at www.richmonddiocese.org/diocese-response.

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On October 18, 2018, Bishop Knestout held a regional listening session on the church abuse crisis. Members of our parish, along with our clergy, participated in the listening session at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish in Staunton, Virginia. Listening session attendees from Church of the Incarnation were: Gary Albert and Ed Robinson from Finance Council, Caroline Cook and Carole Hatcher from Pastoral Council, Patrick Drury and Sheila Herlihy from the Incarnation Staff, Nancy Brinkac and Gloria D’Alessandro, representatives from our parish, and our clergy: Fr. Jaime Guardado Delgado, Deacon Tom Healy, Fr. Gregory Kandt, and Deacon Chris Morash.

During the session, our Incarnation group responded in writing to questions posed for our discussion. Those questions, along with our responses, are available to read here. Attendees from our parish and other participating parishes had the opportunity to respond publicly, at the listening session, to many of the questions over the course of the evening. Bishop Knestout made a spoken response to our comments at the conclusion of the session. All parishes in attendance submitted their written responses to the Bishop so that he could review them in full. If you have any questions about the Bishop’s listening session or the Incarnation responses to the questions, please contact any of the individuals named above. If you would like to receive a paper copy of the listening session responses, please contact the parish office.

Following the listening sessions held throughout the diocese in October, Bishop Knestout renewed his commitment to leading the Diocese of Richmond with transparency, faith, and direct action. A webpage has been created to help the faithful stay informed of the diocese’s response to the present crisis in the Church. A video interview with the Bishop as he answers the faithful’s most frequently asked questions, a timeline of actions taken within the diocese to address the crisis, and resources to learn how Bishop Knestout is answering the call for accountability is available at www.richmonddiocese.org/diocese-response.

Join Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Virginia – October 24, 2018
Declaración Conjunta de los Obispos Católicos de Virginia – 24 de Octubre, 2018

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Knestout – September 14, 2018

Pastoral Letter from Fr. Gregory – August 26, 2018

If you would like to speak with Fr. Gregory about any topics surrounding the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, please call him at the parish office (434-973-4381) to schedule a time to meet in person.

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Father of the little ones, we pray for all people who have been abused by those they trusted. May we be your healing instruments in their lives.

Jesus, our Good Shepherd, raise up in your Church shepherds after your own heart who will guide us to greater knowledge and love of you. Call forth leaders from among your flock who will be true servants. Purge from the shepherds of your Church all vestiges of clericalism and careerism and guard the gate of your sheepfold against wolves that will harm your people.

Lord, we thank you for the gift of our Baptism, which makes us members of your Body, the Church. Give us the grace to take responsibility for the holiness of your Church by our pursuit of the spiritual disciplines that will strengthen us as intentional disciples. Draw us into deeper intimacy with you, the Source of our salvation, through prayer and the study of your Word in Scripture. As members of your Body, may we truly be your hands, your feet, and your heart, so that your Church may be a light of hope to all nations.


Wine Sunday

Approximately four times per year, we ask each parish household to help replenish the supply of wine used at Masses, by donating a bottle of red wine. You may bring it when you come to Mass, or drop it off at the parish office through the week between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We ask that you do not bring white, blush, or rosé wines. Thank you. You may also wish to offer a monetary donation for the purchase of sacramental wine. In that case you can make a check payable to the Church of the Incarnation re: Sacramental Wine.

Welcome to the Church of the Incarnation!

We welcome all visitors to Charlottesville and our parish family. We invite you to Liturgy on the weekend as well as Daily Mass Tuesday through Friday. In addition, join us for coffee and fellowship after the 9:00 and 11:30 am Sunday Liturgies.

Joining the Parish:

We encourage all newcomers to “visit” all three parishes in our area:  Holy Comforter (downtown), St. Thomas Aquinas (the University of Virginia) and our own Church of the Incarnation.  If you have decided that Incarnation is the home for you (and/or your family), we encourage you to register. Registration requires the completion of a simple one-page form and can be found in the Welcome Packet. Welcome Packets are located in the Narthex, at the Newcomer’s Bulletin Board (across from the Parish Hall) and in the Parish Office.

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We invite all new and prospective parishioners to a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and a chance to meet the parish staff. Check our bulletin for the next Welcome Reception Dinner.

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