Welcome to Incarnation!

Dear Friend in Christ,

Welcome to Church of the Incarnation! The name of our parish is very significant in identifying what our Christian community is all about. The mystery of the Incarnation reveals to us that the living God became fully human without surrendering His divine nature. Since then all humanity will never be the same; God has become organically united with the human race.

Therefore all that is human is holy, and we celebrate that here in this Christian community. We consecrate our tongues to the Lord by praying and singing with enthusiasm, using our human bodies as instruments for His glory. We love to laugh and be with each other in good cheer and Christian fellowship. We become fully involved in being present to God and others in our humanity. We cherish and honor Christ present in human beings who are needy, either materially or spiritually, by compassionately seeking to meet their needs. We are pleased that you have chosen to participate in this holy, human adventure with us!

Since we are human there co-exists in each one of us both a miserly, selfish ego as well as the beauty of the indwelling Christ. We invite you to be patient with us when manifestations of “the old self” appear. We are all together in trying to dispose ourselves for the divinizing action of Christ in us. Let’s remember to help each other and not be a hindrance to each other in that glorious process!

Again, welcome! We all look forward to meeting you and becoming friends in Christ.