Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council began a new term on Aug. 14, 2019, with 13 members and a new Executive Committee. The previous Pastoral Council ceased to exist with the transfer of our former pastor, Fr. Gregory Kandt. 

Msgr. Timothy Keeney appointed those Pastoral Council members who wanted to continue for a one-year term, which will end August 30, 2020. Nine new members will be discerned to the Council that day. Three members will serve a 3-year term; three will serve a 2-year term, and three will serve a 1-year term.  

Do you want to learn more about this ministry?  Talk to a Pastoral Council member or check out “Called to Serve,” our Diocese’s guiding document for this ministry.

Current Pastoral Council members are:

  • Heidi Brown (Chair)
  • Brent Browning (Vice Chair)
  • Jan Ferrance (Secretary)
  • Meg Bojarski
  • Doug Campbell
  • Jose Cuenca
  • Stephenie Draushak
  • Peter Kashatus
  • Roxana Roblero
  • Michael Schaeber
  • Laure Taylor

What is the role of the Pastoral Council at Incarnation?

  • Work on focused, long-term planning for the parish, using the Parish Vision Statement as a guide.  
  • Provide input and help the pastor make decisions on matters brought before the Council
  • Support Diocesan initiatives such as the New Evangelization
  • Participate in faith formation through prayer and retreat
  • Formulate plans to better meet the spiritual needs in our parish and greater community
  • Collaborate with the parish staff, Finance Council, and ministries of the Parish
  • Address any matters that relate to the well-being of the Parish

When and where are Pastoral Council meetings held?

Meetings are generally held the second Wednesday of each month from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the parish conference room.  In July we traditionally hold a Council Litnic to celebrate new and departing members.  There is also a retreat once during the year. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and the retreat. 

How long do Pastoral Council members serve?

Members serve a three-year term.  After a member’s three-year term is up, a council member is invited to discern whether they wish to continue on Council for another year.  The maximum term on Council is six years. If circumstances prevent a Council member from completing their three-year term, the Pastor may appoint a member to Council to take their place.

Who is on the Pastoral Council?

The council consists of up to 13 members of the parish and is presided over by the Pastor.  Active, registered members of the parish are eligible for membership on the council. Pastoral Council meetings are conducted in English.  The council includes an Executive Committee, which is discerned after the new Council is formed:

  1. Chair – submits the agenda, leads the Council meeting
  2. Vice-Chair – supports the Chair
  3. Secretary – takes minutes for each meeting; distributes agenda and minutes

The role of the Executive Committee is to set the agenda, run the Council meetings, manage follow-up actions following the Council meetings, and coordinate the annual discernment process.

When does the Executive Committee meet?  

Executive Committee meeting times are set by the committee after it is appointed.  They typically meet once a month for an hour, one week before the Council meeting.

2019 Meeting Minutes:

2019 Meeting Agendas: