Buddy Ministry

The Buddy Ministry is a way to build on existing relationships and make sure all our parishioners feel connected, especially in this time of distancing. Even as the state starts to re-open, we know that many members of our community will need to stay home, either because they are part of a vulnerable population, they are caretakers, or out of an abundance of caution. We also know that our opportunities for in-person fellowship will remain limited over the next few months. Therefore, the Buddy Ministry provides a chance for people to connect, both those who feel isolated or people who might be discovering free time.  This might include an occasional check-in, an offer of prayer, or a chance to go grocery shopping or receive a special delivery. Sign up here in English  (or regístrate aquí en español) if you are interested in connecting with another parishioner through the Buddy Ministry, or call the parish office and they will refer you to someone who can sign you up through a phone call.  Thank you for building up our family of faith!

Looking for help planning Healing Service with Alan Ames

The Healing Prayer Ministry at Church of the Incarnation and I would like to announce a very special, upcoming event.  On November 5, 2020, Alan Ames, a Catholic healer and mystic, will appear at Incarnation, in Charlottesville, and we are putting together a team to prepare for this exciting event.  Alan has traveled all over the world, to Catholic churches, by request only.  He travels nearly constantly, in fact, and has, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, healed thousands of people.  Since 2009, one of our parishioners has been to see him 6 times, and each time, it was such a tremendous experience that words cannot describe it.  This marks the first time he will be in our Diocese.

There is a lot to be done in preparation for the event, and we are putting together a team to help with that work.  We will need people to be greeters, ushers, catchers, marketers, and book sellers, to name a few.  If you would be interested in being on the team, please contact contact Monica Chappell at monica.chappell8@gmail.com or 434-906-6926.  We will meet virtually to make tentative plans so that we can go full steam when it is safe.

The Healing Service will begin at 7:00 p.m. on November 5 and will consist of Mass, followed by a talk by Alan.  Then there will be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, during which Alan will pray over each of those present (by laying on of hands).  Finally, there is Benediction.  During the service, reconciliation will be available (which is very important), the Rosary will be said aloud, by the congregation, and hymns will be sung.  The entire evening takes about 3 hours, from start to finish; but many people leave after they have been prayed over.  Additionally, books that Alan has written will be available for sale.

To learn more about Alan Ames, go to his ministry’s website.

To get involved in the Planning Team, please contact Monica Chappell at monica.chappell8@gmail.com or 434-906-6926