Facts and Figures

Financial Facts and Figures

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2015-2016 Annual Report page 1 (pdf)

2015-2016 Annual Report page 2 (pdf)

UPDATE:  5-Year Annual Report to Diocese of Richmond (2010-2014) (pdf)


Finance Council Members

Kim Kelly
Pat Macionis, Chair Retired, formerly Director of Planning, Division of Mental Health Services NJ Department of Human Services
Joe Raichel Community Market President, Wachovia Bank
Anthony Scaperlanda Professor of Economics, Emeritus – Northern Illinois University
Phil Sterbling

Joe Feola

Shane Cook

  • Finance Council Meetings
    · Includes Finance Council, Father Gregory (Pastor), Izzy Menchero (Business Manager), Lauren Taddei (Parish Accountant).
    · Meetings held in October, January, March and July.
    · Agenda Items include financial analysis, asset management, income and expense budget, Diocesan mandates, capital improvements, debt reduction, Parishioner gifts, Wills and planned giving.
  • Facts and Figures
    · The Parish’s fiscal year is tied into the Diocese and runs from July 1st – June 30th.
    · 9½% of the Parish’s offetory and rental income is sent to the Diocese each month. This “tax” is called the Diocesan Cathedraticum.
    · The Diocese of Richmond mandates a $44,000 assessment for Catholic education from Incarnation.
    · The Parish pays $12.50 for every registered household to receive the bi-weekly, Catholic Virginian.
  • How the Parish Assists You
    · Your Parish offers Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)(sometimes called Bank Withdrawal) and on-line Visa/Master Card donations to allow a simple, consistent way of giving.
    · Your Parish offers Youth Envelopes to teach our children about the importance of being good stewards of our resources.
    · Your Parish places the annual “Statement of Financial Conditions” in the bulletin and on this web site every August.
    · Your Parish sends out an annual eighth month reminder regarding the previous year’s financial stewardship commitment to Incarnation.
    · Your Parish’s envelopes are concise and consist of 4 main envelopes (General Offertory, Outreach to those less fortunate, Haiti Ministry and Debt Reduction) in addition to the Holy Day and special second collection envelopes.
    · Your Parish is always available to help should you or your family need financial assistance. Please contact Sheila Herlihy in the Parish Office 973-4381.
  • How You Can Assist the Parish
    · Remain consistent in your offertory giving. If you are away, miss Mass a week or forget about your envelope, please attempt to make up this loss of income to the Parish the following week.
    · Use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or on-line Credit Card donations. You are able to designate the amount and timeliness of the withdrawal (once or twice per month for EFT or once per month for credit cards).
    · Give us your ideas. If you have ideas, suggestions or creative ways to manage our Parish resources, let us know!
    · Ask questions. If you ever have a question regarding Parish finances, do not hesitate to contact Pat Macionis, Chair of the Finance Council at 973-4381, or Izzy Menchero, Business Manager at 973-4381.
  • Additional Facts and Figures
    · Every attempt is made to use vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc. who are registered parishioners.
    · Staff salaries are based on the combination of the local wage and benefits, Diocesan guidelines and parish budget planning.
    · Affiliation with other business is based on factors of quality, service and discounts to the Parish or our parishioners (Cici’s, ACAC, as examples)