Pandemic Youth Ministry

Quarantine and social distancing have changed the way we approach youth ministry. Our goal is to stay connected to our Catholic faith and to one another until this pandemic has ended. To that end, please take advantage of the following resources:

Youth Ministry
YouTube Channel

Middle School Youth Group: every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm
High School Youth Group: every Sunday from 7:30-8:30 pm
Contact Patrick for the Zoom meeting information.

Home Faith Sessions
Looking for ways to deepen your faith at home, whether individually or as a family? Take advantage of our Home Faith program! New modules are posted regularly.

Opportunity — What if this pandemic is exactly what we needed to finally change our lives?

Routine — A solid routine is the foundation for health and sanity during quarantine.

Last Supper — Explore the origins of the Eucharist and our call to humble servanthood.

Resurrection — The tomb is empty. Jesus is risen! That’s a really, really big deal.

Mary — Meet the girl who helped change the course of human history.

Rosary — Learn about one of our most beloved Catholic prayer devotions.