Baptism Schedule

Baptism Classes through December 2019

All classes in Spanish meet on Friday evenings at 6pm.  All classes in English meet on Saturdays at 10:30am in the conference room.   Please contact Erica Shortridge by email or through the parish office 434-973-4381 x120 to register.

Please register by Class Baptism Weekend
August 18th August 30th (Spanish) October 26/27, 2019
September 1st September 14th (English) October 26/27, 2019
September 15th September 27th (Spanish) October 26/27, 2019
October 13th October 25th (Spanish) October 26/27, 2019
November 3rd November 16th (English) January 11/12, 2020
November 10th November 22nd (Spanish) January 11/12, 2020