PACEM – Hosting Homeless Guests, November 16-30

It may be warm now, but the fall and cold evenings are fast approaching. We will be hosting our PACEM homeless guests from November 16 to November 30 this year. We want to turn our PAC again into a comfortable, safe, and caring place for our guests. PACEM is a wonderful opportunity to serve and minister others. We need YOU to assist as lead volunteers, cooks, meal preparers and servers, overnight volunteers, setup and take down folks, sandwich makers, hard-boiled egg cookers, orange juice providers, and laundry cleaners. We need YOUR assistance with evening activities like haircuts foot care, nutrition advice, offering consultations, and anything else you talents offer. We need YOU to be willing to just spend time with our guests through games, fellowship and song. There are so many ways to pitch in and help. 

We would appreciate donations of the following items, disposable razors, toothbrushes, small tubes of toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, small combs, shampoo, and body wash. The third graders at CCS will assist with assembling the toiletry items. You can place these items in the designated box in the Narthex.