Communication is essential element of our Parish Community


At the Church of the Incarnation, we use many methods to send and to receive information. Our goal is to provide the Parish a variety of ways through which we can communicate.

How we communicate with you

E-mail: Each individual minister has a personal e-mail address. In addition, there is a general e-mail address that is read by the Administrative Assistants. Please use this for short, non-emergency messages.

Respect Life SundayJanuary 22, 2017
Health Wagon (S.W. Virginia)February 19, 2017
Catholic Relief ServicesMarch 26. 2017
Diocesan Home MissionsMay 28, 2017
Peter's PenceJune 18, 2017
Retired ReligiousSeptember 24, 2017
World MissionsOctober 22, 2017
Catholic CharitiesDecember 25, 2017

Phone/Voice Mail: Our Parish Office phone number is 973-4381. Each individual staff member has voice mail. Please use this when wanting to leave a longer message or a message that needs a quicker response.


FaxOur Parish Fax number is 973-1757. This fax line is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


Weekly E-Letter: Our Parish sends a weekly, concise and informative e-letter to every parishioner with an e-mail address. This letter provides the most up-to-date news in our Parish. The most recent E-Letter can be found on our website.

Website: Our Parish Website is regarded as one of the finest in the Diocese of Richmond.  Up-to-date news, pictures, homilies, and weekly bulletins can be found at


Web Calendar: By visiting our website ( you can connect to our Parish Calendar to view events. Updated daily! You can also use the calendar to sign up for weekly email notification of events (all events or those pertaining to a specific ministry).


Weekly Bulletin: Our weekly bulletin is full of up-to-date information, opportunities and events, and  a listing of parishioners needing prayers. Recent bulletins can be found on our website.


Narthex TV & Hallway Bulletin Boards : Our TV & hallway bulletin boards are constantly updated with the latest information, pictures and sign-ups. There is a “Parish Classified” board for parishioners to post their own items.

Office EntranceBoard: A rolling bulletin board with the latest events/services is located at the entrance to the office to keep you up-to-date with the latest events in the Parish


Parish “Family Business”: Parish-wide announcements take place  at each Liturgy, keeping you informed about a variety of issues/events, etc…


“After Hours” For those who wish to drop off mail, information, etc…, a “night mailbox” is located outside the glass entrance doors near the office.

Home Mailings: On occasion, periodic mailings regarding particular aspects within our Parish community are sent directly to your home.

What can you do to assist us in improving our communication with the Parish?

Visit your Parish website on a regular basis and make it your home page! – Let us know what we can do to improve our site.  Our parish website gets support from Catholic Web Services  Please contact our webmaster John Clem at .

If you have it, use e-mail to communicate with the staff for non-emergency, non-date-specific communication and information.

During Parish Family Business and the Prayers of the Faithful, please stand and use a strong, loud voice so our entire community can understand and participate in your announcement or prayer.

If something is on your mind after “office hours,” use the Parish voice-mail system to leave a message for your favorite minister!