Infant Baptism Schedule 2020

¿Desea información en español sobre bautizar a un niño menor de 7 años? Ponerse en contacto con Salvatore Gaona (540) 947 3722. Para adultos ponerse en contacto con Jose Ortiz (540) 967-2163, RICA. Erica Shortridge, Coordinadora de formación cristiana.

Infant Baptisms through December 2020

Baptisms occur during regularly scheduled Sunday Mass times, but there are also options outside of Mass at 10:00 am (Spanish) or 11:00 am (English) on the 1st Saturday of the month.

COVID-19 UPDATE: As of March 2020, we have postponed in Mass infant Baptisms. Parents seeking Baptism for their child(ren) should still follow the steps below and we will discuss individual options, to still prepare for and celebrate the sacrament individually, for each family.

STEP 1: Parents select a date to attend class & choose a preferred date for Baptism.

STEP 2: Once parents select a preferred date, the next step is to discuss plans with the Baptism Coordinator on staff, Erica Shortridge. An online registration form is available for your convenience by clicking here.

STEP 3: A pastoral meeting with Msgr. Keeney or the Parochial Vicar may also be advised.

Infant Baptism Classes through December 2020

All classes in Spanish meet on the last Friday of the month (holidays excluded) in the evening at 6:00 pm. All classes in English meet on Saturdays at 10:30 am. The schedule for classes and Baptism within Mass weekends is below.

Please contact Erica Shortridge to register.

Register by Virtual Class

*Link provided after registration

August 9 August 15 (English)
August 23 August 28 (Spanish)
September 20 September 25 (Spanish)
October 4 October 10 (English)
October 25 October 30 (Spanish)
November 15 November 20 (Spanish)
December 6 December 12 (English)
December 13 December 18 (Spanish)


Interested in Baptism for a child/adult over the age of 6? Contact Erica Shortridge for RCIA adapted for children age 7 or older or click here for more information about RCIA for adults.