Buddy Ministry

The Buddy Ministry is a way to build on existing relationships and make sure all our parishioners feel connected, especially in this time of distancing. Even as the state starts to re-open, we know that many members of our community will need to stay home, either because they are part of a vulnerable population, they are caretakers, or out of an abundance of caution. We also know that our opportunities for in-person fellowship will remain limited over the next few months. Therefore, the Buddy Ministry provides a chance for people to connect, both those who feel isolated or people who might be discovering free time.  This might include an occasional check-in, an offer of prayer, or a chance to go grocery shopping or receive a special delivery. Sign up here in English  (or regístrate aquí en español) if you are interested in connecting with another parishioner through the Buddy Ministry, or call the parish office and they will refer you to someone who can sign you up through a phone call.  Thank you for building up our family of faith!