Questions and Answers Regarding Pastor Reassignments

Q: The Diocese of Richmond recently announced new assignments for some priests. How will
Church of the Incarnation be affected by the new assignments?
A: On June 3, the Diocese of Richmond announced that Father Gregory Kandt will become
Pastor at Saint Therese Church in Gloucester, Virginia, effective July 1, 2019.

Q: Who will become the new Pastor at Church of the Incarnation?
A: Church of the Incarnation will receive Monsignor Timothy E. Keeney as its new Pastor on
July 1, 2019. Monsignor Keeney currently is pastor of St. Bede in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Q: Why is Father Gregory Kandt being reassigned?
A: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) recommends that a diocese
assign its pastors to a six-year term, with the option of renewing that assignment for an
additional 6-year term. Bishop Knestout has adopted this practice. Father Gregory has been
pastor of Church of the Incarnation for 18 years – since June 4, 2001.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for our parish as a whole to thank Father Gregory for his service?
A: In Father Gregory’s honor, there will be a pot-luck dinner and reception on Friday,
June 28, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. At this reception Father Gregory will be
presented with a Farewell Journal and personal notes. The Farewell Journal for Father Gregory
will be available in the Narthex after Masses the next two weekends. Parishioners
are encouraged to sign this journal and include a brief message to him. Note cards will
also be available for those who want to leave a longer message to him.

Q: When will parishioners of Incarnation get to meet Monsignor Keeney?
A: Monsignor Keeney will become our pastor on July 1. Monsignor Keeney will be presiding at
Masses the weekend of July 6/7. There may be a small reception after each Mass that
weekend so Monsignor Keeney can meet parishioners.

Q: How can Monsignor Keeney be contacted?
A: Starting July 1, Monsignor Keeney can be contacted at Incarnation’s Church Office.

Q: What changes will Monsignor Keeney make at Incarnation?
A: It is uncertain what changes Monsignor Keeney will make at Church of the Incarnation.
However, he has told Father Gregory that he would like members of our Pastoral
Council and Finance Council to remain in place and continue operating.

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