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RCIA Calendar

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which adults learn more about the Catholic faith and become Catholic. Our calendar of meetings and other important events is below. Candidates and Catechumen can find important information below.

Fall program information for Baptized Candidates* 

2020-2021: Virtual Meetings Tuesday Evenings 7-8:30pm

 Inquiry sessions


Interest Session for candidates and catechumens
15-Sep Interest Session for candidates and catechumens
22-Sep The Church Calendar and a Tour of the Church

Program Content

29-Sep The Creeds – What we believe; A discussion of the Trinity
6-Oct Cristology
13-Oct Ecclesiology
20-Oct Sacraments of Initiation  (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)
27-Oct Sacraments of Commitment (Marriage & Holy Orders)
3-Nov Sacraments of Healing (Anointing of the sick & reconciliation)
10-Nov Catholic Morality
17-Nov Catholic Morality II
24-Nov The Catholic Approach to Scripture
1-Dec Structure of Mass


TBD First Reconciliation
22-November Rite of Reception


15-Dec Mary and the Saints
22-Dec No Session
5-Jan, 2021 Catholic Social Teaching
12-Jan Vatican II
19-Jan The Organizational Structure of the Church


*Suggested program content. Each person’s RCIA journey is unique and the program can be flexible in content and length to meet those needs.

Children’s Faith Formation: Classroom Education


English Instruction Spanish Instruction RCIA* (English/Spanish)
Pre K

(Ages 3-4)

Kindergarten X X
Grade 1 X X
Grade 2 X X
Grade 3 X X X
Grade 4 X X X
Grade 5 X X X
Grades 6-8 X X
Grade 9-12 X X

*  Coming in 2020-2021… Children ages 7+ who are looking to prepare for the sacraments of initiation are invited to enroll in our RCIA program.  Catechumens and Candidates will receive formation specific to their journey, in the language of their preference.



Church of the Incarnation has many different active ministries in our parish community. We encourage you to see how you can get involved in service to God and neighbor:

MinistryNamePhonee-mail & website
Altar LinensDonna Ostrowski434-296-8090
Altar ServersDeacon Chris Morash434-973-4381
Alternative Giving FairSheila Herlihy434-973-4381
Angel TreeSheila Herlihy434-973-4381
Art & EnvironmentJenny Kowalski434-985-6159
Baptismal PreparationValeria Niehaus434-962-9581
Baptismal Preparation (Hispanic)Salvador Gaona434-566-5618
Bible StudiesErica Shortridge434-973-4381
Boy Scout Troop 17Scott Barker434-962-8221
Casa Alma (Charlottesville Catholic Worker)Laura & Steve Brown434-202-2221
Children's Liturgy of the WordJohn Breen434-975-1984
Children's Liturgy of the Word (Hispanic)Juan Rodriguez434-960-9561
Christian FormationErica Shortridge434-973-4381
Court Appointed Special AdvocatesPat Macionis434-974-6133
CursilloMary & Bill
Elizabeth MinistryValeria Niehaus
Kathleen Olowin
ESOL ClassesSheila Herlihy434-973-4381
Eucharistic BreadbakersChrislynn Russamano434-823-1625
Extraordinary Ministers (assembly)Karen Lansing434-964-9383
Extraordinary Ministers (of the sick)Deacon Chris Morash434-973-4381
Extraordinary Ministers (Hispanic)Deacon Bernie Taylor434-589-4384
Family Intergenerational Religious Education (FIRE)Al Reynolds434-974-7465
Food MinistrySheila Herlihy434-973-4381
First Eucharist and First ReconciliationErica Shortridge434-973-4381
Funeral ReceptionJoan Cordoza
Rose Trapnell
Green Team & Community GardensMuriel Grim740-818-7179
GreetersElaine Bunch434-974-9721
Habitat for HumanityMary Beth & Tim Slagle
Haiti TwinningTom Campbelljudentom@embarqmail.com
Health MinistryTherese Gibson434-296-3943
Hispanic Ushers/GreetersEfrain Mendoza Garcia434-227-2050
Hispanic MinistryFr. Jaime Guardado Delgado434-973-4381
Hospice of the PiedmontAnita Houlihan434-295-0723
Hispanic OutreachFannie Smedile434-591-0950
Immigration ReformJuan Rodriguez434-960-9561
Interfaith DialogJudy Sayed434-972-7275
International Rescue CommitteeJanie Eckman434-295-3015International Rescue Committee
Justice & CharitySheila Herlihy434-973-4381
KerygmaCesar Rivas434-566-8959
KiwanisHerb Ely434-295-7969
Knights of ColumbusKees
LandscapingPeggy Cornett434-293-0644
Legion de MariaJuanita Maher434-589-9503
Legislative Advocacy
Literacy Volunteers of AmericaRita Knauf434-978-7413
MarianosRosa Gomez Oviedo434-295-9392
Missioners of Christ (Honduras Ministry)Rob & Sally Sargeant434-979-8091
Music MinistryDeacon Chris Morash434-973-4381
Music Ministry (Hispanic)Guadalupe Garcia
Juan Rodriguez
NurseryErica Shortridge434-973-4381
Offender Aid & RestorationTom Cross434-978-7741
PACEM (Housing for the Homeless)Tom
Pastoral CarePeggy Rush434-985-7169
Prayer Shawl MinistryDonna Jordan434-466-7703
Pregnancy Centers of VirginiaMike Brown
Nancy Strassburg
Prison MinistryDeacon Bernie Taylor (men)
Ellen Mohr (women)
Proclaimers of the WordTom Strassburg434-973-3698
Proclaimers of the Word (Hispanic)Marcia Gaona434-286-4479
QuinceañerasMarcia Gaona
Angela Amaya
RCIAJohn LaPrade
Erica Shortridge
RCIA (Hispanic)Francisco Calderon
Jose Ortiz
Salvation Army DinnersMartha & John Horsfall
Pinkie Kauffman
Marlene Satira
Secular Franciscan OrderCarl Stacy,
Sin BarrerasFannie Smedile434-591-0950
Sunday FellowshipLaure Taylor434-409-0148
Third Order DominicansMarta Brannon434-293-8081
Wedding CoordinationJenny
Youth MinistryPatrick Drury434-973-4381


Becoming Catholic

Begin Your Inquiry into the Catholic Church Here

We encourage you to learn more about our faith in whatever ways are most comfortable for you, and we welcome you and stand ready to answer any questions you may have. Throughout the year we welcome those who are considering beginning the process of initiation, to inquire.

The Roman Catholic Church
Thank you for your interest in the Catholic Church, which was founded by Jesus Christ and is based on Sacred Scripture (the Bible) and Sacred Tradition (truths that have been handed down through the ages). There are many ways to learn more about the Catholic Church.

Talk to Us
If you live in the Charlottesville area, we welcome you to call our office at (434) 973-4381 and make an appointment to talk to a priest or deacon. If you would prefer to talk with a member of our staff, we can arrange for that too.

Worship with Us
Everyone is also welcome to attend our Sunday Liturgies (Masses). You can just observe or you can participate as fully as you like, the only exception being that those who are not in full communion with the Catholic Church are not permitted to receive the Holy Eucharist (the Body and Blood of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine).

Use the Internet
If you would rather explore the Catholic faith on the Internet before you talk to someone in person, we recommend that you look at authentically Catholic sources for your information. We have compiled a list of various Catholic web sites as a good place to start.

Begin the Process of Joining
If you’ve already given some thought to becoming Catholic and you want to learn more about the process, please read the information below entitled: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). It will give you an idea of what’s involved.

Catechumen, the unbaptized, (welcomed all year long) will be guided through formation that includes participation in adult faith formation programs (Fall cycle beginning September of 2020) that explore the role God has in their life through thought provoking discussion and weekly organized study of the faith. This exploration is a journey at the pace of each person, based on prior formation and spiritual readiness and a calendar will be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Candidates, baptized christians (welcomed all year long) are invited to explore their faith, through adult faith formation programs (Fall cycle beginning September of 2020) offered to the parish and should attend organized study designed to further prior preparations. You can view the calendar for 2020-2021 here.

If you are interested in coming into full communion with the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), please contact Erica (434) 973-4381.

Questions? Contact Erica for more information.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which adults learn more about the Catholic faith leading to being received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The process varies depending on prior faith formation. Baptized Christians who have been active in faith formation of some type participate in a series of sessions designed to deepen their understanding of what it means to be Roman Catholic, leading to the Rite of Reception, which welcomes the adult Christian into full communion with the Catholic Church at a Sunday Mass. This process is tailored to match the individual needs of each participant and will usually last about 12 weeks but may be longer or shorter depending on individual circumstances. You can view the calendar for 2020-2021 here.

Unbaptized seekers who are inquiring about becoming Christian and entering the Catholic Church will have the opportunity to study the faith over the course of several months. The process is gradual and is marked by rituals celebrated throughout the liturgical year. It is a period of spiritual formation, prayer, and education. It is designed to accommodate those who have never been baptized (catechumens) and may include those who were previously baptized (candidates) but received little/no faith formation, or who may have been inactive in their faith for a long period of time.

For those inquirers who decide to continue on their faith journey, sponsors are determined, and the catechumens and candidates are formally welcomed in a liturgical rite that occurs during a Sunday Mass near the beginning of Advent (the period before the Christmas season). From that point forward until the Sunday before Easter, candidates attend the entire Mass and catechumens attend the first part of Sunday Mass (the Liturgy of the Word) and then join catechists (teachers) who discuss with them the Scripture readings used at the Mass for that Sunday*.

The formation process continues with some liturgical rites that occur during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) for those who still want to join the Catholic Church. At the Easter Vigil (the Saturday night before Easter Sunday), catechumens are baptized and during the Easter season Candidates are formally received into the Church. Instruction continues on Sundays until Pentecost (usually near the end of May)*.


We pray that you will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom as you use this information, and we welcome your comments and inquiries. Please feel free to make use of any of the contact links on the Incarnation Website.



*Note: RCIA gatherings/program elements currently take place via virtual meetingspaces, consistent with current COVID-19 protocol (March 2020). In person meetings may be scheduled on a case by case basis.




Infant Baptism Schedule 2020

¿Desea información en español sobre bautizar a un niño menor de 7 años? Ponerse en contacto con Salvatore Gaona (540) 947 3722. Para adultos ponerse en contacto con Jose Ortiz (540) 967-2163, RICA. Erica Shortridge, Coordinadora de formación cristiana.

Infant Baptisms through December 2020

Baptisms occur during regularly scheduled Sunday Mass times, but there are also options outside of Mass at 10:00 am (Spanish) or 11:00 am (English) on the 1st Saturday of the month.

COVID-19 UPDATE: As of March 2020, we have postponed in Mass infant Baptisms. Parents seeking Baptism for their child(ren) should still follow the steps below and we will discuss individual options, to still prepare for and celebrate the sacrament individually, for each family.

STEP 1: Parents select a date to attend class & choose a preferred date for Baptism.

STEP 2: Once parents select a preferred date, the next step is to discuss plans with the Baptism Coordinator on staff, Erica Shortridge. An online registration form is available for your convenience by clicking here.

STEP 3: A pastoral meeting with Msgr. Keeney or the Parochial Vicar may also be advised.

Infant Baptism Classes through December 2020

All classes in Spanish meet on the last Friday of the month (holidays excluded) in the evening at 6:00 pm. All classes in English meet on Saturdays at 10:30 am. The schedule for classes and Baptism within Mass weekends is below.

Please contact Erica Shortridge to register.

Register by Virtual Class

*Link provided after registration

August 9 August 15 (English)
August 23 August 28 (Spanish)
September 20 September 25 (Spanish)
October 4 October 10 (English)
October 25 October 30 (Spanish)
November 15 November 20 (Spanish)
December 6 December 12 (English)
December 13 December 18 (Spanish)


Interested in Baptism for a child/adult over the age of 6? Contact Erica Shortridge for RCIA adapted for children age 7 or older or click here for more information about RCIA for adults.




Infant Baptism:

Monthly opportunities for Baptism include 4 within-Mass weekends per year, during which children younger than age 7 are Baptized during all of the liturgies. Children 7 years old or older who have not been Baptized are invited to participate in our catechumenate program for children. For more information click here.

Adult Baptism:

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming Catholic and coming into full communion with the Church, our Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) sessions meet Sundays in the Library from 10:25 am until noon, following the 9:00 am Mass. We have separate paths for those who are already Baptized Christians as well as those who are not yet Baptized. All are welcome to come and learn about the exciting journey of RCIA at Incarnation! For more information, contact Erica Shortridge, Coordinator of Christian Formation, (434) 973-4381, or John LaPrade, RCIA Team Lead, (434) 465-1947. 


Please click here for Mass Times/Adoration.

Reconciliation (Penance)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated Monday through Friday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Saturday from 4:30 – 5:00 pm, and Sunday from 12:00 – 1:30 pm in the Reconciliation Room near the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. If none of these times work for your schedule, you can set up an appointment by contacting the parish office and coordinating with one of the priests. Additionally, communal Penance Services take place during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

At the age of reason (age 7) baptized children prepare to celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for the first time in January and May, respectively. In January we offer a communal Reconciliation service with individual Confessions. For more information, please visit our Sacramental Preparation page.


In the Diocese of Richmond, 10th grade is the earliest you can receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Visit our Confirmation page for more details.


The covenant and holy bond of marriage is a Sacrament established by Jesus Christ and His Church. It is a lifelong union of two mature adults of faith. To assist couples in preparing for this most serious commitment, the diocese stipulates a six-month period of preparation. For marriage to take place within the Incarnation parish community, one of the parties must be a registered parishioner who regularly worships at Mass on Sundays. Participation in a marriage preparation program is also required, and those sessions are held periodically at Incarnation. For further information, contact the Parish Office.

Holy Orders

Considering the priesthood or the religious life?  Here is a resource you may find helpful – Behind the Collar. (Diocese of Richmond)

Anointing of the Sick

Catholics should not wait until they are in danger of dying before requesting this Sacrament. One may celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing at the onset or during any serious illness. The Sacrament may also be celebrated before surgery and more than once during an illness. In the case of an emergency, please contact the parish office.

Salvation Army Dinners

Salvation Army Dinners

. . .

Are you concerned about people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness in our area?  Join fellow parishioners from Incarnation as we provide dinner at The Salvation Army on the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month.  More and more local families are seeking help from The Salvation Army meals program as a result of the depressed economy and the problem of inadequate affordable housing in our area.  You can help by joining a team to prepare meals and to serve our brothers and sisters who are struggling.

. . .

Teams One and Two (Wednesday); Team Three (Saturday)

The Wednesday group has two teams who prepare dinner every other month. Each volunteer assembles a casserole from a very simple recipe and purchases a commercial can of fruit or vegatables. We reheat the food at the Salvation Army at 5:30 pm and serve dinner at 6:00 pm. If you cannot serve dinner but would like to prepare a casserole and donate a can of fruit or vegetables six times a year, we would also welcome your help.

Team One prepares and serves food on the first Wednesday of odd-numbered months.  Parishioner Ryan Hubbard at coordinates this team.

Team Two prepares and serves food on the first Wednesday of even-numbered months.  Parishioner Martha Horsfall ( coordinates this team.

. . .

The Saturday group prepares and serves lasagna and a salad each month. We reheat the food at the Salvation Army at 5:30 pm and serve dinner at 6:00 pm. The Lasagna recipe is in a link at the top of the page. If you would like to participate, please contact Marlene Satira, 973-8881.

Team Three prepares and serves food on the third Saturday of each month.  Parishioner Pinkie Kauffman ( coordinates this team.

. . .

Please contact any of these three parishioners or our Coordinator of Justice & Charity in the office ( to join a team.  Help is always needed and welcomed.  Click here to learn more about The Salvation Army of Charlottesville.


Christian Formation

“Righteous Father, the world also does not know you, but I know you, and they know that you sent me.  I made known to them your name and I will make it known, that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them. ”  John 17: 25-26

Here at Incarnation, we believe that one cannot claim to be a follower of Christ unless one is actively engaged in knowing Him, for to know Christ is to love Him, and to love Him is to carry out His will for us in bringing about the reign of God. As with any human relationship, our relationship with Christ requires constant nurturing. This is a lifelong process. With that in mind, we offer several faith formation programs for adults, an intergenerational program for all ages called FIRE, and traditional Christian Formation classes attended by children (preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school) with the active involvement of parents.

Our Sacramental preparation sessions offer formation for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliaton, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. For adults seeking the Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic faith, we offer our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program.

Please note: To participate in 1st Reconciliation or 1st Eucharist your child must participate in a Christian Formation program (classes and/or FIRE) at Incarnation during the year or attend Charlottesville Catholic School.

Finally, and most importantly, it is our firm hope that our entire parish will be actively involved in one or more of our Christian Formation programs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!