Green Team

Green Team

GREEN TEAM’S EnvironMINUTE: One way the worldwide Catholic population is living out the call to care for God’s Creation is by
participating in the Catholic Climate Movement. They are promoting a worldwide petition for the global climate summit that encourages
us to take care of the earth that we have been given. The US group is called Catholic Climate Covenant, and through them we can
make a personal commitment to respecting creation. If you would like to sign the international petition, please do so at


“The question comes to my mind: What does cultivating and caring for the earth mean? Are we truly cultivating and caring for creation? Or are we exploiting and neglecting it? The verb ‘to cultivate’ reminds me of the care that the farmer has for his land so that it bear fruit, and it is shared: how much attention, passion and dedication! Cultivating and caring for creation is God’s indication given to each one of us not only at the beginning of history; it is part of [God’s] project; it means nurturing the world with responsibility and transforming it into a garden, a habitable place for everyone…A culture of solidarity should prevail over our culture of waste, because when we care for and cultivate creation – including the human person – when we share our resources, we all have enough.” [Pope Francis, 2013]

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“Every individual is called upon to play his or her part to…secure development in peace, in order to safeguard nature itself and the world about us…I wish to appeal with simplicity and humility to everyone, to all men and women without exception.  I wish to ask them to be convinced of the seriousness of the present moment and of each one’s individual responsibility, and to implement – by the way they live as individuals and as families, by the use of their resources, by their civic activities, by contributing to economic and political decisions, and by personal commitment to national and international undertakings.”  [Pope John Paul II, 2001]

Casa Alma’s backyard goat display at Incarnation’s 2013 Earth Day Green Fest

Upcoming Dates

Sometime in November: Franciscan Earth Corps meeting and planning session, getting young adults involved in environmental justice.

Contact Sheila ( for more information

Incarnation Green Fest 2013
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Our parish Green Team formed in summer 2011 to explore how we, as a Catholic community, can be stewards of God’s gift of creation–both in parish facilities and events and among our parish families.  We believe that taking care of the earth is part of our responsibility as people of faith.  By engaging in education, advocacy, and action, we work to promote a right relationship with our planet and  lifestyles that leave smaller footprints on our earth.  If you would like to get involved in our Green Team, please contact our Coordinator of Justice & Charity in the office ( or Dianne Gagliano (  We want to tread lightly but act boldly.

Lent 2013 Care for Creation Tree

Projects (Past and Present)

Here are some of the Green Team projects that have taken place since 2011 or are in process…

  • Parish recycling program (see below for the guide on what can/cannot go in our recycling bins)
  • Parish composting program (see below for the guide on what can/cannot go in our compost bin)
  • Annual Earth Day Green Fest with local environmental groups represented
  • Community garden (see “Community Garden” link to the left)
  • Switch from disposable dishes for parish events to reusable dishes and silverware
  • Purchase of organic, sustainably-grown, fair trade coffee for parish events
  • Care for Creation Stations of the Cross during Lent
  • Days of Reflection focused on the environment (spring 2011 and spring 2013)
  • Participation in the Better World Betty & LEAP-VA Better Business Challenge
  • Lent 2012 – “Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus and Stomping Out Your Carbon Footprint” action program for Christian Formation classes
  • Lent 2013 – “Care for Creation Challenge” with Tree of Life to encourage action for the earth
  • Summer plant and produce swap in the Narthex
  • Building walk-through/audit with LEAP-VA to develop a plan for capital improvements that are more earth-friendly and economical
  • Workshop on home energy efficiency with LEAP-VA
  • Annual rain barrel fundraiser to encourage home rainwater harvesting and to fundraise for Green Team endeavors
  • Screening of “Sun Come Up” with our parish adults and youth and discussion about connections between climate change and poverty
  • Member of Charlottesville’s Interfaith Green Network and of the Catholic Climate Covenant

Two of our Green Team members, Chuck and Janie, at the 2012 Incarnation Green Fest

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