Adult Education Online

Why don’t we adult Catholics have a better understanding of our faith? Perhaps we have forgotten some of the fundamentals. Perhaps we never learned them.

We now have a wonderful opportunity to learn what every adult Catholic must know. And we can do that at our convenience 24/7.

During 2009-2010, video recordings were made of most RCIA sessions for catechumens, candidates, and sponsors who might have missed a session or wanted to review what was discussed. Those sessions, presented by Fr. Gregory, Deacon Chris, and others, are now available to everyone online.

Catholics who recently joined the Church through the RCIA process generally have a better understanding of the Catholic faith than many other adult Catholics. That no longer has to be true. Just select a category below to get started.

What We Believe (Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and Mary and the Saints)

Foundations of the Church (the Old Testament, the New Testament, Theology of Church, and Church History)

The Sacraments (Theology of Sacrament, Sacraments of Initiation, Sacraments of Commitment, and Sacraments of Healing)

Prayer and Liturgy (Vocal Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, the Liturgical Year and Advent, Lent, and the Structure of the Mass)

Morality (Morality Framework, Morality Issues, and Catholic Social Teaching)


Video:  Being Catholic is Cool: U.S. Cathechism for Adults (USCCB)

There are many other online sources of information about our faith. Here are just a few: