Middle School Slime Time August 21

All middle school students are invited to join us post eclipse on Monday, August 21 from 4:00-6:00 pm at Incarnation for a smorgasbord of slime making!
If you like creating slime or if you’ve always wanted to try it out, join us!  There is no fee, but you should plan to bring some supplies with you if you can.  Also you should wear clothing that you don’t mind possibly getting slimed.
Ideally each person making slime will bring a plastic container in which you can create your masterpiece.
We will have borax on hand, but if you have some already, feel free to bring your supply.  We will also have a big jug of white glue, but definitely feel free to bring any quantities of white glue if you’d like–the more, the merrier!
Optional things to bring to customize your slime:

–Glitter adds sparkle to your slime
–Food coloring changes the color
–Lotion changes the texture and smell (if it’s scented)
–Conditioner helps make it smooth out

–Clear glue let’s you make clear slime
–Corn starch if you want to make butterslime
Please RSVP to Patrick so we have a rough idea who is coming.  We hope to see all middle school slime enthusiasts there!!  Please spread the word and bring a friend!