Living Our Mission Campaign


The Catholic Diocese of Richmond is stepping forward in an historic journey to raise a minimum of $65 million in its first-ever comprehensive capital and endowment campaign.  Many years of studying the pastoral and financial realities we face as a Church have resulted in this diverse Case for Support.  As a result of this unprecedented effort, our hope and prayer is to realize tremendous positive change in the life of the Church, while also preparing very thoughtfully for the future.   The Campaign Case for Support provides essential funding for eleven ministries and programs under four major areas:

  • Strengthening our parishes
  • Developing Our Future Church
  • Supporting Our Clergy
  • Advancing Our Shared Mission

The Chuch of the Incarnation will also be benefitting, as we receive 1/3 of money given to help with parish identified needs.  We also receive 2/3 of money given once our goal is surpassed.  We are raising funds for:

  • Campus Maintainence
  • Debt Reduction
  • Evangelization efforts

NOTE: If you made a pledge to the capital campaign, and did not indicate how to redeem your pledge, please do not send pledge payments to the Parish
Office! You must send pledge redemption payments to: LIVING OUR MISSION CAMPAIGN, c/o Amanda Glass, Box 28450, Richmond, VA 23228. If you have any questions,
please call the campaign office at the Diocese of Richmond at 804-359-5661.

Current giving towards Parish Goal of $675,000 (updated 03/31/2016):

  • $906,446 pledged  (134% of Our Goal!)

#be2d2d Raised $906,446 towards the $675,000 target.

Diocesan Goal of $65 Million currently at $84,991,056  100% (March 29, 2016)

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This campaign is being run by Greater Mission with our parish reperesentative Courtney Atkinson, and feel free to contact her with any questions.

Courtney’s e-mail:


Church of the Incarnation – Living Our Mission Brochure (pdf)

Case for Living Our Mission at Incarnation (pdf)

Living Our Mission Capital Campaign (Diocese of Richmond)




Testimony from parishioner Tom Kelly about Living Our Mission